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Hector's Classroom
Pass the parcel, boys; that's all you can do
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8th-Aug-2012 06:31 am - Gender-swapped History Boys
Barring accidents

*waves* Gosh, no one's posted to this community for a while, have they? 

I recently posted on Tumblr about whether The History Boys can be plausibly gender-swapped whilst remaining the same play/film/story. There was a little bit of discussion but the format of the website makes it difficult to get a conversation going, so I thought I'd post about it here.

The original conversation (see also notes)

Starting questions:

-How important is gender in The History Boys?
-How would you stage The History Boys with a gender-swapped cast? What would need to be changed, how would you approach it?
-Is it possible to gender-swap? Would it be the same story? In what ways would it change?

or any other thoughts/observations on the topic.

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THB - Posner/Scripps
Jamie Parker and Samuel Barnett are playing Guildenstern and Rosencrantz respectively in Trevor Nunn's adaptation of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard. It's on in London until the 20th of August, more information here. Previously it was on at the Chichester Festival Theatre, and production and rehearsal photos are on their website, which is here.

I for one will certainly be going as seeing these two act together again will be a dream come true!
31st-Jan-2011 01:34 pm - 6 icons
+ tatort ; bauch sagt zu kopf ja
06 Tron Legacy
06 The History Boys
09 Downton Abbey
04 Glee
06 Pretty Little Liars
05 Hustle


>> more >> more
Joan Holloway
For life's not a paragraph
Pairings/Characters: Scripps-centric. Scripps/Posner, minor Scripps/OFC.
Rating/Word Count: PG-13 / 5492

Summary: In the dying world I come from, quotation is a national vice. (Waugh)

( beautiful chaotic Berlin that is as far from Sheffield as Scripps has ever been, metaphorically and not )
{the hour} the boy who knew too much

I hope this is okay to post, but I did a History Boys genderswap picspam at my journal here, and I thought it might be of interest to some people here :)
[sorry if this is now suitable, do let me know and I shall be swiftly deleted!]
22nd-Sep-2010 02:52 pm(no subject)
Hey, hope everyone is well and good! Was just wondering if anyone

a) has a clue where to find Spitfires play that Sam was in on the 11 september

b) the play Sam was in called Translations

c) The Interview and photos of Sam in the gaytimes?

Thanks in advance for reading this!
11th-Jun-2010 10:27 pm(no subject)
Those of you, who love Sam Barnett will be pleased to know he is currently staring in a interactive, intimate little play at the finborough. I have been lucky enough to catch it and had Sam talk me directly. The audience member each are given a receipt and Sam plucks them from us and explain what it is and how it relates to his life. The play is charming, sweet, wry, clever and touching. Sam plays the comedy and the tragedy with equal subletly and with beautiful understated charm, he is the only actor on stage and when he takes the receipt and directly talks to you it is hard to forget he is acting. Well worth a watch, catch it if you can.
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